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Quality Manager

Number of recruits:1人

Ask for qualifications:Junior College

job requirements:

1, college degree or above, mechanical related major, more than five years experience in the automotive industry quality management;
2, with the ability to manage subordinates, with the ability of statistical analysis and strong ability of external coordination;
3, familiar with FMEA, control plan, SPC statistical technology, welding quality process and standard, familiar with the exhaust system production process, understanding of TS16949 and other quality management system;
4. Good computer skills, good command of both written and spoken english;
5, has the strong compression ability.

Job Responsibilities:

1, responsible for the development of new projects and mass production, the whole process of quality management;
2, the new project product parts and assembly parts of the product inspection, measurement and design development and control plan, MSA and other APQP quality section of technical documentation;
3, the new project internal PSW sign and improve the tracking problem;
4, the company TS16949 quality management system of internal and external audit work, supervision, tracking the improvement of the problem points, to ensure that the quality management system continuous and effective operation;
5, the company's product process, product audit, continuous improvement of product quality, improve;
6, responsible for staff and supplier quality awareness and quality management system and five quality tools, 8D and other quality knowledge training;
7, responsible for supplier selection, evaluation, evaluation, regular supplier process, product, system audit;
8, guide and supervise the daily work of the Department and the completion of the evaluation.

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