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Sheng Jia held a summary of summing up the general assembly in the year to seek progress




    August 16, 2016 morning, Chongqing Sheng Jia Trading Co., Ltd. in the conference room held a plenary meeting of the general assembly. Meeting a few days ago, each colleague Shengjia notified, made full preparations, general manager Hu Jinqing hopes to summarize the form of the general assembly, so that each employee to improve working level, find self value, and according to the different circumstances of each person, making the end goal.
On each employee in their first half of the work are summarized, and then by other staff review in the review process, we all have expressed their different opinions, in such a way that each employee is more fair and objective analysis of the problem, also more clearly their own shortcomings do. Other employees in the same situation, it can avoid repeated mistakes. In addition, in the process of summing up, we also found that due to lack of communication is not careful, the order is not accurate enough time and labor costs caused by waste. At the end of the meeting, each employee can submit their year-end goal plan, including goals, life goals, income goals, target incentive plan for each employee, we through the summary and communication progress, hope to be able to reach their goals in the end.


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