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Green Detian beautify life



Spring returns to the good earth., the recovery of all things. Cold winter passed, ushered in a year of arbor day.
In order to beautify the environment, improve our awareness of voluntary tree planting, do love flowers and cherish the green responsibility, carry out industrial Detian planting activities in March 10th.
The event, organized by the office of the president of the company, the company's employees to actively participate in the tree planting scene atmosphere is active, we are happy, full of excitement, the company leaders are personally exhausted. So that employees in the event to experience the joy of success and teamwork spirit, and enhance the awareness of environmental protection and ecological, in order to achieve, for the company, for the community to add green, clean and beautify the environment. I believe these trees, in the future, with Tian thrive, to create a new world.


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