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Dream sail



Time flies, time flies, suddenly busy in 2016 has been in the past, looking forward to coming to us in 2017.
New year, new goals and hopes. Chongqing Detian Industrial Company Limited 2016 annual employee awards ceremony and 2017 spring festival celebrations will be held in Yubei Yinxin Una Century Hotel, the board of directors of the company, the subsidiary, division and the leadership of the company's share have a joyous gathering. Mr. Liu Wei, President of the company issued a New Year message ebullience.
The meeting host Sheng Jia Trading General Manager Mr. Hu Jinqing announced the "2016 annual awards for excellence in the decision", called on all staff to learn from them, learn their due diligence in their respective positions, responsible, hard working and team spirit! The company responsible for the excellent staff awarded certificates and prizes, to encourage their arrogance, in the new year to play an exemplary role, and make new contributions.
The gathering will be the staff brought different forms, dizzying performances, dance, comedy, drama and other programs, a riot of colours, brilliant, interspersed among the lucky draw with the lucky prize, third-prize, two prize, first prize, best of luck for extraction, have launched the annual meeting of the climax. The party not only brings laughter, but also let the hearts of colleagues closer to each other. Exciting sweepstakes and wonderful performances of the party show, let the song, applause, cheers have been rippling in the venue. The party will climax, showing the family joy Detian industrial harmony.
The glorious past of 2016, 2017 of the full of hope and challenge. In the past year we smile, too difficult, also harvest, in the face of the 2017, we are full of hope, passion Peng worship, let us together with confidence and courage, swagger, to write a more splendid future.


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